some special things about me :D

my online alias is nozomiya-chan, but you already know that! i speak very excited and happy happy when talking to my fans, but im a generally calm person once you get to know me! i'm not super popular, but a lot of people know me for being a happy and fun idol girl! you might also know me as nozomiyq on instagram since i own a semi popular editing account hehe!!!!!!!! i want to be an idol when i grow up and i want to make the whole world smile! yes, even you, the person reading this right now!!!! i like glitchcore and mahoucore a lot, and i luv magical girl animes like magical girl raising project, puella magi, mahou shoujo site, sailor moon, and more!

quick disclaimer: im proship/anti anti. i believe all ships are valid, even problematic ones. i like dark content in fiction such as but not limited to; lolishota, brocon/siscon, age gap shipping, necro, gore, noncon/dubcon, yanderes/obsessive characters, and etc. if you don't like these things please don't interact with me!!!!! nozomiya-chan does not like getting hate hehe!!!

i love to write, and writing is my special talent! i have an Archive of Our Own Account where i post most of my fanfiction!! please check them out some time :) i'd love to make more friends and fans so please consider interacting with me if you want to!!!!!!!!

i have a long list of animes and shows i like!! ill list them all now :)

frequently asked questions :)